Who are we ?

Chord is a social enterprise that aims to create social platforms that will enable young people grow their social capabilities (social capital, engagement and mobility) whilst learning about some core life skills ( Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Discipline, Communication, money management and Leadership) that will help them grow into young independent and creative members of society. Our approach is fun, educational and innovative. Their participation helps them to grow and develop into independent functional members of their immediate community and the society as a whole. We do this by partnering with organizations across the UK who have access to our target audience. In the process of bringing young people together, we are also bringing organizations and leaders together, and we believe that in doing this we will be sparking a new wave of collaboration and partnership between leaders and organizations in the UK.

All our platforms are dedicated towards social impact

Our organisation is divided into three main areas but will explore other areas as we grow into a reputable business.


Our productions are spectacular to watch and take part in, with Live music from our house band and Plays written and directed by young people, it’s a night endowed with fun, inspiration and networking.


We are offering a life changing opportunity for self-development by partnering with parents and organisations who work with young people; they are increasingly becoming more independent and they need to be equipped to take on some challenges that come with it.

Call out Game Shows

The Call out gameshow is a new and innovative game show designed to positively impact the mental and physical health of young people and their outlook on education. It will create an environment that fosters social cohesion, engagement and mobility.

Leadership and Vision

Chord was founded by our CEO Famous Dekeri. The backbone of this idea stems from the desire to create more social platforms that will help bring young people together whilst helping them develop their social skills and some core life skills needed to thrive in today’s society. As a company, we aim to make a valuable contribution to the future of young people in the UK, by creating a fresh wave of excitement through competitive socialising (“The call out gameshow”), fun and interactive workshops for skill development (both online and offline), retreats and music/drama productions. We are a team of over 20 young people (and growing) with a passion for social integration and development and a desire to see the impact our work can have within our immediate environment and the UK as a whole. We intend to work with organisations (Churches, youth organisations, student unions, HEIs and Colleges) with access to our targeted age group to bring this vision to life.