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Chord is a social enterprise that aims to create social platforms that will enable young people grow their social capabilities (social capital, engagement and mobility) whilst learning about some core life skills ( Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Discipline, Communication, money management and Leadership) that will help them grow into young independent and creative members of society. Our approach is fun, educational and innovative.

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Call out game show

The call out game show is a Fun, Educational and inspiring platform for young people in the UK within Schools, Colleges, universities and Religious groups. This platform exploits competitive socializing as a means to deliver social education, help young people grow their social capital and improve their mental health and self confidence in all of their abilities.

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Beyond four walls; we take young people away for a week filled with so much fun and activities, This retreat will give them an InSite into different future career paths, It will also build their Character, Resilience, problem solving skills, social capital, Mental health and self-confidence, to prepare them for the future as they become more independent and confident.

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Our Music and Theatre productions are spectacular to watch and take part in, they are written and directed by young people from across the UK. All our productions convey a message, with a majority targeted towards Social issues here in the UK and around the world. It’s a night endowed with so much fun, inspiration and networking and a showcase of talent.

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