Famous Dekeri CEO & Founder

Famous Dekeri is the CEO and founder of CHORD, He is also a graduate from the University of Salford, where he got his bachelors in Business and Economics. He went on to attain a master’s degree in management at the University of Salford, where he was also elected as the vice president of the business and Law school for two years consecutively. Famous did a lot of work with the international society and united various nationalities under one roof. This created a platform for students to demystify pre-existing believes already held by people about their country and through that, students were able to educate each other about some of the remarkable things associated with their country. He also worked with various societies to put on different events throughout the year, which saw thousands of students from diverse backgrounds come together for various social activities. Famous has up to 4 years’ experience in planning and organising events, he has worked with companies and charities over the years like Cokobar, the common sense network, OGGM, The Potters House, ELEM, RCCG and the likes of others, to plan and deliver successful events, theatre style productions, seminars and workshops for young adults across the UK. After years of working with the aforementioned names and from personal research, Famous decided to embark on his personal journey to revolutionise the way Social cohesion and engagement is done, and that brought about the birth of Chord.

Micheal Timilehin Omoniyi Director

Micheal Timilehin Omoniyi is an innovative, bold, dedicated leader and thinker. He is a serial entrepreneur and builder. In 2018, he was recognised by the Financial Times as one of the 100 most influential leaders in Tech in the UK as the Founder and CEO of The Common Sense Network, a UK Based News Network for and by millennials. He is the Founder and Director of Our God Given Mission, a missions-based charity. He is also the founder of The Apex Group, a closed group for CEO’s and Founders where they share best practice. As well as founding several initiatives and organisations, Michael consults for various charities and organisations.